1891 “Sports Page” Woodcut Shows High Wheels


This image is from the Daily Picayune, 1891. The woodcut illustration for the Sports Page was a brand new addition to the paper, in which there were only rarely images such as this, as wood cut images had only started in appear in the late 1880s. In the top right corner there are two cyclists on high wheel bicycles, with the grandstand of the Audubon Driving Park in the background.

Picayune Frog

The woodcut is the work of LA Winterhalder, who a couple of years later created The  Picayune Frog at the request Eliza Jane Nicholson, who co-owned and ran the newspaper with her husband.
The Picayune Frog was for 20 years the Daily Picayune’s famous “weather prophet,” delivering the daily forecast with Winterhalder’s whimsical woodcut illustrations.


The Sports Page image reflects that by 1891, cycling races had become as popular a spectator sport as baseball, boxing, and horse racing. I also really love that a woman playing tennis is depicted.