Bicycle Parties are the Best Parties!

The bicycle, despite offering cheap independent transportation, has always been an essentially social object that brings people together, inspiring group rides and gatherings of all kinds for 150 years.

The Louisiana Cycling Club loved nothing more than a fun ride and a good party. We’ll be having both tomorrow to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Pierre Lallement’s 1866 US Patent for the bicycle!

Come out for the free Second Saturday Art Ride starting at 5pm at Bar Redux, followed by the 150th Birthday Party for the Bicycle at Castillo Blanco. A good time is sure to be had by all!


Second Saturday Art Ride

countrysideCome out on July 9 for the Second Saturday Art Ride! (Facebook Event Page) There will be a short presentation on 19th century bicycle art and imagery at Bar Redux at 5pm.

At 6 pm, we leave Bar Redux for the Art Ride to the galleries on St. Claude for Second Saturday.


Decorated and lit up bicycles and costumes highly encouraged!


Second Saturday Map

Click “read more” for stop list and Google Map.

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150th Birthday Party for the Bicycle

Facebook Event Page Here

On July 9, New Orleans cycling historian and University of New Orleans Master’s Program alum Lacar Musgrove is hosting The Bicycle: 150 Years of History and Art, a fundraiser for Bike Easy and Stolen Bikes NOLA at Castillo Blanco Art Studios in the Bywater. Beginning at 7pm, the event will feature a presentation on the earliest cycling clubs of 19th century New Orleans by Lacar Musgrove and a presentation by premier cycling historian of the United States and author of Bicycle: The History, David V. Herlihy. Herlihy is credited with discovering the evidence to settle, once and for all, the decades-long debate over who first invented the bicycle.

The event at Castillo Blanco will be preceded at 5pm by a FREE presentation at Bar Redux on 19th century bicycle art and imagery, followed by a Second Saturday Art Ride to the galleries on St. Claude Avenue then back to Castillo Blanco for the main event.

Following the historical presentations will be a Dandy Dance Party with DJ Matty of Mod Dance Party and Alligator Chomp Chomp. We’ll have cold delicious eats catered by @MadChef504, sodas and lemonade on sale for a dollar, and free popcorn, watermelon, and freezy pops! Cyclists will be invited to show off their lit up/tricked out/custom/art bicycles, tricycles, and peddled contraptions of all types

The goal of the event is to bring together cycling enthusiasts of all stripes in celebration of Pierre Lallement’s 1866 invention of the “velocipede,” to educate the public on the roots of cycling in New Orleans, and to raise money to help Bike Easy in its mission to make cycling in New Orleans easy, safe, and fun. .

Louisiana Cycling Club Spokes Scrapbook, page 115a

Louisiana Cycling Club Spokes Scrapbook, accession 98-62-L,Williams Research Center, The Historic New Orleans Collection

There will be a suggested donation at Castillo Blanco to benefit Bike Easy. If you’d like to help defray the costs of the event, a $5 of your donation at will get you “PAID” bracelet at the door on the day of the event. If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, please email

Yes, it is family friendly!

Yes, there will be a cash bar!

19th Century Bicycle History Ride

June 15, 2016:

Meet at Cafe Rouler at 6:00 pm.

A mobile app enhanced historical ride that follows the formation of the original New Orleans Bicycle Club in 1881 to the site of the Audubon Driving Park, New Orleans’ first venue for bicycle racing. We’ll also pass by the clubhouse of the Louisiana Cycling Club, built specially for the club in 1890.

Follow the Facebook Event Page for details.

Pennyfarthing-1886 Small

Through the mobile app, downloadable at, participants will be able to view historical images related to each site.

This is a one-time, free event open to the public.

We will assemble at Cafe Rouler and visit two historical sites in the CBD before riding up St. Charles Avenue (or a less conjested parallel street) to Audubon Park.

You can read my article on the Audubon Driving Park here:

To sign up for the ride, please email me at

1886: NOBC Tour from NOLA to Boston in 30 Days

Thomas_Stevens_bicycle130 years ago, three members of the New Orleans Bicycle Club set out east from New Orleans on their penny farthings, following the railroad tracks out of the city and into the Louisiana swamp. Their destination: the annual meeting of the League of American Wheelmen in Boston. They had 30 days to get there. The first half of their journey would take them across the Deep South, where there were no long-distance roads and few local ones, across territory that had never before been traveled by bicycle.

This summer, as part of Biketastic Summer New Orleans, historian Lacar Musgrove will release “Astride Lofty Wheels,” a novella-length work of literary nonfiction that narrates in rich detail the historic journey of these three New Orleans cycling pioneers.


The assembled three now headed down the broad avenue of Canal Street towards the Mississippi River, where they turned left and proceeded up Decatur Street toward Elysian Fields Avenue. Wishing to avoid riding on the cobblestones of the French Quarter, the oldest part of the city, the trio walked their bicycles along Decatur Street through the market district. To their right were the wharfs along the Mississippi River . . .

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150 Years of The Bicycle


New Orleans will celebrate 150 years of the bicycle with Bike-Tastic Summer New Orleans, a series of events spanning May 26 to July 9 and concurrent with the special sports history issue of Louisiana Cultural Vistas, which will feature an article by New Orleans’ cycling historian, Lacar Musgrove, on the first venue for cycle racing in New Orleans, which was located at Audubon Park. The sports issue of Cultural Vistas is “dedicated to ‘Hometown Teams,’ a touring exhibition produced by the Smithsonian Institute and the LEH.

Follow the event page for updates.

Other national events:

International Cycling History Conference: 150 Years of Bicycling in America

The Wheelmen: 27th Annual International Cycling History Conference (ICHC) And Sesquicentennial Of Bicycling

National Event Page

David V. Herlihy, Premier Cycling Historian, to Speak in New Orleans July 9

bicycle david herlihyDavid V. Herlihy, author of Bicycle: the History and The Lost Cyclist, will speak at the benefit for Bike Easy at Castillo Blanco Art Studies in New Orleans on July 9, 2016. The event is the capstone of Bike-Tastic Summer New Orleans, a series of bicycle history lectures, presentations, and tours that will include a talk by New Orleans Victorian cycling historian Lacar Musgrove and a bicycle art show and market. Proceeds will go to benefit Bike Easy and Stolen Bikes NOLA.

Herlihy is most noted in the cycling history community for settling, at the 1993 International Conference on the History of Cycling, the decades-old debate of who invented the bicycle: Pierre Michaux or Pierre Lallement. His seminal work, Bicycle: the History, launched a new and prolific era of scholarship on the the social, cultural, political, and technological history of the bicycle.

For anyone in New Orleans interested in the history of the bicycle, this event is not to be missed.

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